A serious flaw in Microsoft IE browser.

internet explorer logo A serious flaw in Microsoft IE browser.

A serious security flaw is found in Microsoft Internet Explorer and everybody is been advised by Microsoft not to use Internet Explorer for any confidential banking transactions until the new patch is released.

The new patch would be released at the earliest and Microsoft advises everybody to use the browser from his or her rivals until the patch is released.

The flaw is severe and can allow attacker to get control of your computer and steal vital information like passwords. The attack is mainly detected on IE 7 browser, but expected to be present on other versions of IE browser also.

People are switching to other browsers due to this serious security flaw, but head of Microsoft UK’s Windows group John Curran said “I cannot recommend people switch due to this one flaw”.

This security flaw allows the attacker to plant the malicious code on users browser. This malicious code called Trojan can be installed on your machine through such affected sites, which can open doors for attacker to steal password information.

So it is highly recommended to avoid Microsoft Internet explorer till there is emergency security patch from Microsoft. Other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are not vulnerable to this security theft. More info on BBC news.

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2 A serious flaw in Microsoft IE browser.


2 A serious flaw in Microsoft IE browser.

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