Format Factory :one stop media solution

ff3d Format Factory :one stop media solutionIsn’t it a fact that converting media files from one format to another is a hectic job ? Especially converting one video to another format
How many times converted 3GP videos doesn’t work on your cellphone ? well that’s a pretty good ratio of victims.
I tell you, it is one of the most untidy thing to handle.
First try is to find a pretty good software, and you don’t even know if it contains some malware embedded in it or not, then all those limitations and trails stuff, last the conversion rates sucks every ounce of patience within you. And then there is no guarantee that the converted media will work !

So, what’s the ultimate solution ? well here it comes on your doorstep.
It’s called as Format Factory, and it truly resembles it’s name, because it works as a hardcore factory.
It can actually convert ANY media format to ANY other compatible media format, with high speed conversion rates, and no glitchy bugs, last of all it’s totally free !

How about extracting audio from a video on youtube ? well the normal procedure goes like downloading the Flv, converting into swf and then dissembling, now you can simply download it in flv, use Format factory and extract the audio in ANY format from that media, isn’t it simplicity at it’s best ?

The GUI and the menu options are properly glued and look decent to eyes; settings are easy to understand and use. The conversion rates are much faster than any other premium softwares, though it sometime faces problem while converting wma media files.

It provides internal settings from cropping media, and defining media properties like bitrate, so if you just wanna compress the size of the file, it’s really handy.

You can download a copy of the latest version from the official site ::

For any technical assistance, leave a comment, I’ll be happy to provide you with a solution

FormatFactory Format Factory :one stop media solution


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 Format Factory :one stop media solution


Will talk about it later :P
 Format Factory :one stop media solution

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  1. Sir

    I installed Format Factory to extract audio in WAV format or MP3 but it Failed.

    Is there any codec that has to be installed to enable this?


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