DELL XPS M1330 — Your Search Ends Here


Dell – Emerging Brand In A Emerging Country Why This ? Why this product for review? A: The simplest answer could be….because you need it. Since, long time, people were not sure which … [Read more...]

Dell Tries To Trademark “Cloud Computing”

dell cloud computing

"The Industry Standard reports that Dell is trying to trademark the term cloud computing . The phrase entered the tech lexicon years ago, but Dell's application (serial number 77139082) was made in … [Read more...]

Dell Competing With The iPod.

ipod dell

Looks like Dell is going to make another run at the music player business. All I can say is “here we go again.” Perhaps you’ll remember its ill-fated attempt to compete with Apple’s iPod. It … [Read more...]

DELL’s Hybrid studio desktop PC


Dell's Hybrid PC is as hybrid as its name suggests , be it the size , the looks , the features n everything . . It's 80 percent smaller than a standard desktop while slurping 70 percent less power, … [Read more...]