Some Must Have Cheat Sheets for Geeks


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BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices – A free antivirus for linux unix and FreeBSD


Most of us may not really install any antivirus software on a computer with Linux or Free BSD operating system. Not much antivirus software support Linux and FreeBSD in market right now. But … [Read more...]

Linux Mint 7 “GLORIA” the latest Ubuntu 9.04 based OS is out and free


Linux Mint7 codename "GLORIA" is the latest Ubuntu 9.04 derived OS and is unleashed now for free download and usage. To get complete knowledge over it you must check the official website , but … [Read more...]

20 Free Operating Systems that are not Windows


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Get the best from UBUNTU – 50 time saving tips


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Techno Reviews : UBUNTU 8.10 REVIEW


Software versionsKernel 2.6.27 X.Org 7.4 GNOME 2.24.1 KDE (Kubuntu) 4.1.2 (3.5.10 available) 2.4.1 Firefox 3.0.3 Ubuntu 8.10( Review in the iTechnoBuzz!! way) What's changed? … [Read more...]

Tiny Linux PC uses just 8 watts of power, can be solar power


Check out the Aleutia E1 mini Linux PC. This mini PC uses just 8 watts of power which is a quarter of the power used by the average laptop computer. It comes in a tough aluminium case … [Read more...]