Windows 8 Developer Preview Product Key

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Windows 8 Developer Preview (Pre-Beta) Build 8102 | Direct Download Links

Microsoft has officially released the Windows 8 Developer Preview Pre-Beta version. This version is a Pre -Beta Build 8102 version for developers, and not suitable for who are expecting a stable … [Read more...]

Getting Started With Microsoft Office 2010? e-Book|Free Download

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Freebies: Get Microsoft Download Manager for free | Official download links


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Microsoft 2010 Product Guides Direct Download links | Free Download


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Complete list of Windows 7 shortcut keys to speed up your Windows 7 experience

windows 7 shortcut keys

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Enable GodMode in Windows 7

God mode in Windows 7 |Icon

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Windows 7 – Home Premium and Professional ISO [x86 and x64] Direct Download Links leaked

windows 7 home premium

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Extract 5 Hidden Windows 7 International Themes (AU, CA, GB, US, ZA)

folder options

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Tutorial to extract all editions or versions(SKU) of Windows 7 from downloaded Windows 7 ISO made from EXE plus and Files


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