Security Update : Firefox 3.6.2 Released to patch critical security hole


The Mozilla Dev. team had planned to release Firefox Security update v3.6.2 at the end of this month first, but a critical security hole that allows remote attackers to access and control one computer … [Read more...]

The New and Improved Firefox 3.6 : A Review

Firefox 3.6 has some cool consumer facing features like Personas and a better Plug-in Updater, but developers have a lot to be excited about too.  Developers will appreciate the increased stability, … [Read more...]

Mozilla ThunderBird 3.0 released


After 4 beta releases and 2 release candidate release of Mozilla ThunderBird, yesterday Mozilla released final version of the powerful desktop email client Thunderbird 3.0 which is now available to … [Read more...]

Firefox 3.5.1 Security and Stability update now available


In the previous post of mine, I had updated you about the critical security vulnerability in Firefox  3.5 . In response to this, Firefox 3.5.1 update is now available. The updated setup is now … [Read more...]

Upcoming features with Firefox 3.5

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Logo

Firefox 3.5 release candidate v3 is allready out and free to download from june 24th 2009. But, the final version is on the boundary sides and will be out with many more new features. For Firefox … [Read more...]

Top 5 firefox addons for better privacy and security [May 2009]


Mozilla Firefox , the browser everyone love to surf on! The browser along with enormous addons is really a master piece. But is Firefox safe enough? Being used with over 40% of internet users , it is … [Read more...]

Top 8 features and improvements in firefox 3.0.5

Hey Guyz Its Firefox 3.0.5 is out in the market. You can upgrade your firefox  by simply clicking the above Upgrade Firefox button. Lets see what does this new Firefox is offering us. Top New … [Read more...]

Firefox’s essential 25 addons, each FF browser must have


A bare copy of Firefox is a wonderful thing, but when you start stuffing it with add-ons it gets even better. So what are the best add-ons for power users? Here's our top 25: 1. All-in-one … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox Mobile to be launched in some weeks


Firefox Mobile, the handset-friendly version of the open-source internet browser, could be coming within the next few weeks, according to Mozilla's CEO John Lilly. He spoke to the San Jose Mercury … [Read more...]

8 New FIREFOX Hacks to make Firefox go extreme fast


The Mozilla FireFox V3 is undoubtable a great browser , but with some little Hacking tweaks ,u can doublize its performance.. 1. Enable pipelining Browsers are normally very polite, sending a … [Read more...]