Google Adsense Beta Interface: Now Available!

try the new google adsense interface beta

Its around a week now, that I had written a post regarding "application for New Google Adsense Beta Interface" and just few hours back, I got a link on the top-right corner in my adsense dashboard … [Read more...]

Security Update : Firefox 3.6.2 Released to patch critical security hole


The Mozilla Dev. team had planned to release Firefox Security update v3.6.2 at the end of this month first, but a critical security hole that allows remote attackers to access and control one computer … [Read more...]

WordPress Update – WordPress 2.8.6 Security Release

Ryan Boren the lead developer of Wordpress Team has just announced the release of Wordpress 2.8.6 Security update through WP blog. The release fixes two vulnerabilities relevant only for blogs having … [Read more...]

WordPress update: WordPress 2.8.5: Hardening Release

Peter Westwood on October 20, released Wordpress V 2.8.5, and termed it the "Hardening Release". Hardening Release means more preventive measures have been taken to secure WordPress. Worthy of note … [Read more...]

WordPress 2.8.4 security update now availaible

Why This update? On august 1o, a vulnerability in Wordpress 2.8.3 was discovered by Laurent Gaffié and was posted over the test and security portal milw0rm. The vulnerability is named as Remote … [Read more...]

Firefox 3.5.1 Security and Stability update now available


In the previous post of mine, I had updated you about the critical security vulnerability in Firefox  3.5 . In response to this, Firefox 3.5.1 update is now available. The updated setup is now … [Read more...]