Windows 7 – Home Premium and Professional ISO [x86 and x64] Direct Download Links leaked

NOTE: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is out now. Check out Windows 7 Service Pack 1 ISO – Direct Download Links from Microsoft on the following link:

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Not even 4 days are done, that the direct download links for Windows 7 Professional [x64 and x86] Links were leaked and posted out here in iTechnoBuzz, today we found Direct Download links of ISO file of WIndows 7 – Home Premium and Professional, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

windows 7 home premium 300x200 Windows 7   Home Premium and Professional ISO [x86 and x64] Direct Download Links leaked

Just like the previous download links (package of an exe and and , the ISO files of Windows 7 are also hosted on server owned by Digital River (the delivery partners for Vista) . The Windows 7 installation files are meant as a way of ESD (Electronic Software Distribution).

windows 7 Windows 7   Home Premium and Professional ISO [x86 and x64] Direct Download Links leaked

The links we are providing here are of Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional both [x86 and x64] 32-bit and 64-bit.

Windows 7 Direct Download Links (ISO Files)

32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x86[32-bit]

32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x64[64-bit]

32-bit Windows 7 Professional x86[32-bit]

32-bit Windows 7 Professional x64[64-bit]

Note: If you receive corrupted/incomplete files,better use a download manager like Free Download Manager to download, as the server seems to close connection once the size reaches 2 GB.

if you want to extract all editions/versions of Windows 7(i.e. Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate) from any of  the downloaded ISO File, you must go through Tutorial to extract all editions or versions(SKU) of Windows 7 from downloaded Windows 7 ISO made from EXE plus and Files.

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 Windows 7   Home Premium and Professional ISO [x86 and x64] Direct Download Links leaked
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  1. Is the legal, where to find activation code ?

  2. it is legal.. and activation code is not in it..
    IT is the download link for a 30-days trial OS . you can make it full by buying a key from Microsoft and using on it

  3. thanks a lot… it worked like a hot knife through butter…!
    god bless u..

  4. will it work? tell me the truth and i will download it :-) yeah how about the license key

  5. well.. it is working and 1000s of people and my readers allready downloaded the stuff. For the license key, i would suggest you to buy a genuine activation code from MS , else search for activators on warez sites, which could help you to activate your stuff for free 😉

  6. Pleaze tell me is it the official release on 22nd october or is it rtm

  7. Is this the same version as on posted on 26th October in this forrum.waiting for reply

  8. This is Official release on 22nd october version or not?? please tell us.

  9. yes it is the Final-retail version as declared on 22 october

  10. are these the update versions or standalone versions?


  11. Can I unblock the other versions by following the procedure but with the Home Preomium version?

  12. @Alex .. yes you can :)

  13. Is the download Vista only?? I downloaded the file and created an iso disk but it will not read into XP. Or did I make some other mistake???


  14. You must be having some problem with the ISO, burn the iso again on some new disc.

  15. Is the legal, where to find activation code ?

    please mail me

  16. Yes, the download link is legal. and will work for 31 days, for further use you need to unlock it /activate it using an activation code, which you must but from Microsoft

  17. avatar Cellofine says:

    Search for 7loader to activate WIndows 7

  18. You don’t have to steal it. You can buy legal keys at Ebay from about $15.00 and up. Then download the right ISO. IT’s not wort the time and effort to steal it. You’ll feel better too. I do.

  19. This seems rather useful for those of us that have a computer with one of these versions, but want a quicker way to remove all the stuff that is pre-installed. It took less time for me to pull down the ISO than to remove all those WildTangent games I didn’t want! Not to mention McAfee, and the dozen other things I was about to spend hours removing!

  20. WOW thnx alot man.
    It is easy to get an Activation number for Windows 7 all editions..!!
    Insert the Windows7 DVD>> Open it>> Open the folder named “Source>> There find a file named “Product” and open it with note pad or with Word pad. Write down the Activation key you want..Thats All..

  21. hello, please tellme, what build is? really is the last GA version or just is a RC, RTM, or BETA?

  22. avatar CRYING4HOPE says:


  23. asslam-o-alikum to all muslim who visit this site

  24. so after i download this i burn it into blank dvd and boot it on my laptop or desktop and put my serial key right!!!!
    how many gb does the window se7en home premium have?

  25. avatar u can use windows 7 loader to activate it then upgrade to professional then use the program to activate again then finally ultmate then follow same process to activate it says:

    u can use windows 7 loader to activate it then upgrade to professional then use the program to activate again then finally ultimate then follow same process to activate it. if you need any help just send me a message and i will give you the link for the activate software…

  26. Will this wipe out my whole hard drive?

  27. after we dowload this we have to burn it with iso?

  28. can this work for window xp

  29. Thanks SO much… I bought a new laptop with Win 7 and it came with no disks… You made my day! :)

  30. avatar Helper for windows says:

    Umm yh the release was 22nd october

  31. avatar alex Moreira says:

    Hi Im alex moreira and I need to knoe I whent get a laptop and it came whit windows 7 64 bit and I need to get de 32 bit version for my console if I download de 32bit can I use my own product key from my laptop ? thanks

  32. hi alex… sorry, but a 64-bit product key can not be used for the 32-bit version of Windows 7

  33. thx a bunch i wanted to reinstall my win 7 pro and had misplaced the cd . This is really helpfullll

  34. avatar SefirosuVII says:

    Thanks a ton, Microsoft’s charity licensing download site is down, I have 12 keys, just needed the DVD. I am not looking to get this illegitimately like others in there posts.

  35. How can we be sure that there is no built in code in these images ready to steal our credit card , social security etc etc as soon as the OS is online?
    where are the crc checksums ?

  36. Hello,
    The language of this version is English? It is possible to change?
    I ask you to answer me please because I do not understand much about… Thankyou!!

  37. hi rOb! .. The language is in english, but once after you install it, you can change to any language by downloading language packs in updates :)

  38. is this still working? even though its already 2010?(lmao newbie)

  39. yup links are still working

  40. Hi, is there a free dvd software that works best, I am having issues with XP recognizing the autorun.exe? Thanks. Any special tricks to the burn, or just burn, boot from disk, and away you go?

  41. hi, i bought a new hp with no original disks. can i download this and use the product key that came with the pc? thx

  42. avatar Gleison S. says:

    It’s OEM, not Retail. It’s good for activating OEM laptops and PCs.

  43. avatar James T says:

    I have the same problem as Andy X with regards original disks, I bought a Revo 3610 which came with Home premium 64 bit. I want to install the 32 bit version because I have a 16 bit app I really need to be able to run. Can I use my existing License key with the 32 bit home premium iso from here? Thanks , James

  44. please….give me serial number win 7 prefessional 32 bi

  45. Thank you very much,
    I’m downloading now. Win 7 is Pro Pro, i love Win 7

  46. avatar MACPERson says:

    Can you use this with boot camp?

  47. hi their.. do you have a windows 7 home premium product key i can use please? mine has worn off the bottom of my laptop and i cant find my authentation certificate :( i need one urgently if anyone can help me
    thanx :)

  48. can anyone help or get bak to me please, i only have two days left on my windows

  49. This blog post rocks! Toshiba didn’t include OS media when I bought it at Best Buy. I didn’t care for their “custom partition” or their embedded ad-ware, so I wiped the OS and started fresh with Linux. I wanted to test the differences in some of the .MSC utilities (7 vs. Vista vs. XP) so I installed a trial “Enterprise” version of 7-x64. I figured when I was done, I could call Toshiba or Best Buy or Microsoft and say, “Okay, I need a disc or an ISO; I have a license that I’ve payed for.” LOL – yeah right! Try $25 for a disc that’s still bloated with Toshiba’s crapware… no thanks. Thanks again!

  50. It Works Perfect…Thanks…You Are The Best…

  51. kok setelah Q download ni iso windows7nya kok kgk bs diinstal ci…gmn dunk caranya….mn downloadsnya lama bnget ni diwarnet…Q py windows7,tp klo mau diintals mintafrees Cd meluluk pusing ah….pdhl Q maupke u windows7…

  52. This was exactly what I needed. I needed to reinstall windows 7 but the laptop did not come with any reinstallation disks. Thank You very much!!!

  53. from the above comments will be i also be able to just install without the product key or do i just use the one that my Windows 7 Home basic came with ?

  54. hi

  55. Kepo la op ke so inkel windows 7 Professional Kepa ki moasa dopa cu Monmon

  56. thiz izz awzome thank you….

  57. avatar IanSolo says:

    Thanks, scratched my dvd by mistake and I was getting errors during setup. I can now re-install =)

  58. avatar Steve.B. says:

    I have win 7 Home Premium 64 can I install win 7 pro 86 over my win 7 home?. If so can I also keep what I have on my computer or do I need to reinstall my programs?.

  59. Ok so can I use this to reinstall my OS on my laptop by using the product key located on the bottom of it? since it is OEM i dont know if it will work? or does it not matter since im installing it to the same laptop in which the OEM key is tied to

  60. thanks!

  61. Dude, what’s the activation code?

  62. This is the first time am giving comment. Very very thanks for giving me the windows 7 home premium image. i cant find it anywhere. Thank u very very much yaar.

  63. Awesome.. any original key can use..

  64. please tell me the activation key sooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Hi
    Thanks For that If you would find a link For Windows 7 Ultimate please do that Cause these are Kinda Bad..

  66. avatar asif khan says:

    I want windows 7 activation key for free

  67. avatar brownhound says:

    You don’t get the key for free… That’s what we all paid for to begin with. But in case you don’t know how, allow me to help:

  68. please tell me about product key of windows 7 home premium 32 bit…

  69. avatar Ali Shah says:

    hi i have downloaded windows 7 home premium 64 bit and when i try to install it in my laptop it giving me error that files are missing… i cannot try other version because i only have home premium key and i lost my windows installer dvd please help…

  70. thanks for this its exactly what i needed i have legit key just no disk!

  71. What is better? Home or Professional?

  72. It’s great to see that their still is an opportunity to get Windows 7 that has not been repeatedly jumped on thankyou and remember that Office Pro 2013 is still the one that is hardest to get,You have to go looking all over the place for (Old Slippery).

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