Windows 7 [x86 and x64] 32-bit and 64-bit Direct download links leaked

October 22 was the date, when Windows 7 retail was finally launched by Microsoft but being a bit preservative, Microsoft never makes available official download links that allow retail customers to download setup installer. Inspite of all their efforts, the direct download links to download Windows 7 are leaked. The installation files of Windows 7 are hosted on server owned by Digital River (the delivery partners for Vista) . The Windows 7 installation files are meant as a way of ESD (Electronic Software Distribution).

windows 7 Windows 7 [x86 and x64] 32 bit and 64 bit Direct download links leaked

The Windows 7 setup installer package comes in 3 parts, which is an executable that starts the extraction or unpacking and installation process, plus and After extracting all content to a folder named ExpandedSetup, the installation files should be the same with what contains on a DVD.

Windows 7 Direct Download Links

32-bit Windows 7 Professional x86

File Size: 69.78 MB
MD5: 204D02EA3AB587B70621A7EC99B3F1B8
SHA-1: 60BA243A05261AA7A3AF9A3ADF509E8069B6E891

File Size: 2.04 GB
MD5: D5CC1E45D6EB57B8500DBCF622F39637
SHA-1: EDAA9BA294EA7E49D4FE731E81CDD1E3C6168F51

File Size: 137.59 MB
MD5: FAB28838A97E875D27E4E7239F42131C
SHA-1: 78D8ED22DF4FCDA102B72D41420D9854DC0DF7B4

Windows 7 Direct Download Links

64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64

File Size: 75.9 MB
MD5: 73D13A1000069E372F7478CF1C426B7A
SHA-1: 6B7D87BF0BE0D3BAE4A5E4550260BDF6A5600534

File Size: 2.66 GB
MD5: 7B29E21B7F6BC0850E65085205B5EAFE
SHA-1: 47D4131ACD1DA3A96F19244FE4D840EB18C2057C

File Size: 160 MB
MD5: 87DCC913A7BBBFCFA2C2526C2E894F97
SHA-1: 4076CA5224D6D2E7338AB286BF31912D8404E016

Note: If you receive corrupted/incomplete files,better use a download manager like Free Download Manager to download, as the server seems to close connection once the size reaches 2 GB.

After downloading the files, simply double click on the executable, e.g. Win7-P-Retail-en-us-x86.exe to start unloading the box and to install Windows 7. Note that 3 files must be put together in the same directory. You still need a product key to activate installed Windows 7.

The 3 files doesn’t provide any bootable ISO file which you could burn to make a disc.

To make a bootable disc using the 3 downloaded files go through my Tutorial to Create and Make a Bootable Windows 7 ISO DVD from EXE plus and Files

Also, if you want to extract all editions/versions of Windows 7(i.e. Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate) from the downloaded 3 files, you must go through Tutorial to extract all editions or versions(SKU) of Windows 7 from downloaded Windows 7 ISO made from EXE plus and Files.


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 Windows 7 [x86 and x64] 32 bit and 64 bit Direct download links leaked
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  1. how to get product key to activate installed Windows 7.
    can get free product key orignal ?

  2. Well you need to buy Windows 7 to get your own product key hence making it a genuine version. But if you are not interested to spend money over it, I wont suggest it but many warez sites consist Windows 7 activator, which can activate your copy of Windows 7 by just a click. You can search for “7 Loader by Orbit30 and Hazar” it is one working Windows 7 activator. Google about it 😉

  3. ok thanks i dont like waraz to 7 loader hack

    i can buy Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full Retail Box Orignal because i like orignal genuine
    i waiting to get new computer then i wil buy Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full Retail Box Orignal genuine


  4. haha! all the best Gopala .. 😉 .. btw! you must check either your institute is tagged with MSDN .. If ys, then you could get a genuine copy of HOME Premium version for free. and If not, still you could get it for just 30$ 😉

  5. i dont have MSDN sad i dont have student
    why i need get MSDN because lot free OS genuine to download
    sad we can’t get MSDN

  6. i have downloaded the 3 files and followed the instruction to create the ios without any problem

    but when the copy with “Windowws 7 ISO Verifier” its failed the TEST


  7. @ ay … mate, you must be trying to check with the Windows 7 ISO verifier of RTM version or some other .. it is the final retail version..

  8. i have a unload box error :(

  9. Jak tak czytam co wypisujecie to krew mnie zalewa , jak pobierzecie program instalator to to bez problemu utworzycie p?yt? instalacyjn? i zamiast ,,Home to lepiej zainstalowa? ,,Win 7-Profesjonal ” tak gdy? jest to wersja szersza o cztery funkcje a dzia?anie to samo a co wi?cej to maj?c Win XP-to bym si? nie przesiada? na inny system staruszek ale poczciwy jedno co mnie zastanawia to to i? podane klucze to tylko wa?ne s? przez 30 dni chyba ?e kto? czyta? nie umie to bez dziwoty nawet po utworzeniu pliku ISO tak jak jest przedstawione to i tak musicie skorzysta? z kluczy podanych w tej witrynie inaczej nie wypali oraz klucz umie?ci? w programie instalatora tak aby by? rozpoznawany z systemem instalacyjnym a jest ich tam kilka tak wi?c jest w czym pogrzeba? co wi?cej wypróbowa? na dyskach zewn?trznych by mo?liwo?ci by?o wiele a nie bawi? si? na p?ytach DVD .


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